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Angel Card Readings

Enjoy Angel Card Readings with a gentle and loving touch. All the Angel Readings and forecasts are done with positive oracle cards. Every Angel Card Reading is customized and done individually with dedication, intent and connection to your energy.

Ascended Masters Readings

Receive the affectionate directions from your Ascended Masters. Find the guidance for your current situation and discover what you need to know right now. Your Spiritual Teachers are sending you clear messages.

Elemental Readings

The Nature’s Spirits and your own Elementals can offer you guidance and support via the oracle card readings. They can be divided in four categories: Air, Water, Fire and Earth Elementals.

Rune Readings

The Rune Readings are an ancient type of divination and they are based on the most popular runic symbols in the Northern Europe, the amazing Elder Futhark Runes.

Love Readings

The Romance Angels can offer clarity about your love life, soulmate relationships, healing from the past and guidance to attract more love into your life.

Healing Readings

The Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards can offer helpful, accurate and loving readings about health and healing for yourself or your loved ones.

Abundance Readings

When you need answers about abundance and money the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards are a powerful resource. Heal, remove any blocks and manifest your Divine abundance.

Animal Spirit Guides

The messages from the Animal Spirit Guides can provide guidance for your daily life. The readings and the insights from the Animal Spirit Guides are very clear and concise.

Remote online Angel Readings

Remote online Angel Readings (face to face through Skype - depending on availability).

At SoulCuddles.com you can enjoy fresh and gentle Angel Readings for 2020. Relax and embrace your Angels’ soft cuddles and spiritual guidance. SoulCuddles.com is your online loving nest dedicated to Angel Readings and Psychic Readings. All the readings are made using positive tarot cards. Each Angel Card Reading is personalized. For a distinct approach try the Psychic Readings and the Rune Readings. The Runes can provide an ancient type of reading based on the most common runic symbols in the Northern Europe: the Elder Futhark Runes.