Elemental Readings

The Elementals are the Spirits of Nature and they can be found anywhere, not only outside. They are part of everything, including people, animals, food, the air you breathe and the water you drink. They are everywhere. The Nature’s Spirits can be divided in four categories and they represent the forces of the Nature: Air, Water, Fire and Earth Elementals. The Water’s Elementals are called Undines and they are guarding and cleansing the waters and they control the rain, tides, etc. They are related to anything connected to water, including our bodies, with 70% water and our emotional side. The Undines can attract love in your life. They feed our emotions and help with our psychic. The Gnomes are the Earth’s Elementals. They are present anywhere in the nature and soil but also in every living being. They clean and detoxify Gaia's energetic body, including us. They can attract more money in your life.


The Air’s Elementals are related to the air we breath and wind or storms. They are called Sylphs and nourish all the living things. They clean the air, the atmosphere and also our thoughts. The Sylphs can bring inspiration and spiritual growth. The Salamanders are the Fire’s Elementals: flames, firelight, candles, heat, but also our internal fire - motivation and passion. Without them the spiritual fire of creation would not be possible. They are keeping the spark of life alive in every atom. The Salamanders feed our power and courage! The Nature’s Spirits and your own Elementals can offer you guidance and support via the oracle card readings.

Elemental Readings

1 oracle card spiritual guidance - what should I know now.
3 oracle cards spiritual guidance - past, present and near future.

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Elemental Readings