Dragons Readings

The Dragons are open-hearted etheric beings of the Angelic realms. The Dragons are sending us their beautiful energy and support if we connect with them and ask for their help. The Dragon Oracle Cards offer advice about your daily life, soul mission or how you can help yourself or serve the planet. The Dragons Readings can guide and assist you on your spiritual path.

Dragons Oracle Cards Readings

The Dragons, the Angels and the Unicorns are all a part of the Angelic realms. According to Diana Cooper they originate from the heart of God rather than the mind of God and they don't have free will. Their only will is to serve the Source for the highest good of all. The Dragons operate between the fourth and the ninth dimensions. Dragons clear the lower energies and prepare the way for higher frequencies to come in. They protect us and clear our path of obstacles. The Dragons love humans and nature and they have served us and our planet for aeons. 

1 oracle card spiritual guidance - what should I know now?
3 oracle cards spiritual guidance - past, present and near future.

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Dragons Oracle Cards Readings